Since 1979 we've entertained you the hard way. The latest tools, the difficult ideas. From 'the cassette revolution' to D-I-Y LPs - 3D animations, computer games, CDs you can play with a needle, hand made acetates, little boxes with wire rats inside.
And things... we can't yet tell you about.

Find quality reproductions of our earliest albums through our partners.
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Download our music for free, or not much. Or come to a live show.

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sevcom partners


SDF - BUGHLT and various crazy online ideas are sponsored by SDF. Our Acetate and analogue CD were made by BUGHLT in Seattle.


Dark Entries

Fine quality reproductions of our early singles and albums are made by Dark Entries in San Farncisco.


Medical Records

Fine quality reproductions of some early albums are made by Medical Records of Seattle.



Live shows in North America are managed by Cracknation.